Myanmar mission

MedAcross is also involved in the design of a hospital that will be built in 2017/2018 probably around the port area of Kawthaung, far from the city centre and the nearest hospital, where there is a huge slum populated by destitute people and IDPs who daily cross the border to enter into Thailand as daily workers. 

The new clinic will offer outpatient visits and will include brief observation wards and day hospitals, a lab for analysis, a diagnostic unit and an internal pharmacy for patients to pick-up prescribed drugs.

The clinic will also offer free medical care and assistance to people who have no access to healthcare services because of the relatively high costs that they would face to obtain healthcare, purchase medicines and for transportation to reach the only hospital in the city.

Hospital planimetry


Hospital rendering


The new Polyclinic in Kawthaung, produced on behalf of MedAcross onlus in partnership with RNDM, stems from the desire to combine a modern European concept of the hospital with Burmese cultural features and construction.

The project focuses on the maximum energy savings, on the ratio of low cost of construction and operation, on the pleasantness of the surroundings and the ease of use by users and employees.

The result is a single large flat metal roof under which a set of buildings are combined to make up the polyclinic; the coverage, separated from the underlying volume, is designed to provide shelter from the rain and, thanks to a natural air circulation, good protection from the sun.

At the main access, three portal totems give great visibility to the entrance; the portal gives access to a wide plaza where medical staff can make an initial triage of patients and users can wait for their turn away from sun or rain.

This space offers an open patio and on the left a service building, inside which a cafeteria service is available for users; on the right side the office / registration building host also the toilet facilities.

The hospital is characterized by a long corridor on which, proceeding from the main entrance, overlooking the various functional blocks; after the plaza / atrium there is the clinic rooms block with their waiting areas, where four rooms are dedicated to specialized visits; then the two medical beds blocks for the day hospital treatments, grouped around the medical block and including rooms for nurses, visits, testing laboratory and diagnostic rooms, pharmacy and teaching room.



To date, MedAcross has been operating in Myanmar in support of the humanitarian and healthcare project developed by the Sisters of our Lady of the Missions in the town of Kawthaung and in the surrounding rural areas that focuses specifically on providing:

  • assistance to kids and teenagers who are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation by giving them jobs in a textile factory in order to increase their chances of finding work and being independent.

  • basic health services for IDPs and needy people, for whom the most common diseases are HIV, tuberculosis and malaria

  • educational services for street children in the city

  • mobile clinics set-up in rural villages that bring free medical care to over 300 people who have no access to any form of healthcare service.

In Kawthaung with the important support of Fondazione La Stampa - Specchio dei Tempi, MedAcross is financing the reconstruction of a Basic Health Clinic with an HIV Center to provide free health care and professional training to local medical staff.

MedAcross will also purchase a vehicle that will allow to significantly increase the number of villages currently reached through the mobile clinic programme, so that more than 1,000 people can be visited monthly by our medical staff.